Team Innovation

FBI Innovation Manual: Table of Contents

As the FBI and the National Executive Institute Associates discovered, effective team innovation is one of the most positive and most productive things your team can do for greater impact.

One of the trickiest aspects of team innovation is determining which team member will perform best in which role. When you learn how to structure your team and effectively apply the team innovation process, you can capitalize on the strengths and team innovation competencies of each team member and succeed collectively.

Creativity is only one of four team innovation elements; all four elements are imperative if you want an incredibility successful team innovation that will provide a distinct advantage over your competition. Unfortunately, too many innovation attempts are often merely sloppy guesswork or awkward attempts to apply the “Flavor of the Day”.

  • Communication Factors

    • Action
    • Excitement
    • Collaboration
    • Accuracy
  • Group Culture Influence

    • Advantages
    • Criticizes
    • Rewards
    • Drawbacks
  • The Mighty Z Process

      • Creating
      • Advancing
      • Refining
      • Executing
  • Persuasive Presentation

    • Ethos
    • Pathos
    • Logos
    • Call to Action

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