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Trust One-Another
When team members are genuinely honest, authentic, vulnerable, and open with one another, they build trust

Embrace Conflict With trust, team members are able to engage in unfiltered constructive debate around ideas, embrace disagreement, and find best answers

Commit to the Team
When a team is clear about its overall direction and priorities, when team members end meetings with clear and specific resolutions and calls to action feeling confident that everyone is committed to the decisions that were agreed upon, they are significantly more likely to support group decisions even if they initially disagree

Hold Teammates Accountable
Team member offer unprovoked, constructive feedback to one another The team ensures that members feel pressure from their peers and the expectation to performTeam members confront peers about problems in their respective areas of responsibilityTeam members question one another about their current approaches and methods

Value Collective Results
Team members value collective success more than individual achievement
Team members willingly make sacrifices for the good of the team
When the team fails to achieve collective goals, each member takes personal responsibility to improve the team’s performance
Team members are quick to point out the contributions and achievements of others