Customer Endorsements

What Domino’s Pizza and the FBI
say about Jerry Conrad


Domino’s Pizza

Once again, you exceed expectations with your thoughtfulness! Although, truthfully, I should not expect anything less from you after all these years. You are the best! Your new DiSC Everything kit with DVD is fantastic! It is now so easy to piece together a course that will fit the needs of the learners in a more targeted way. It really is awesome! Our team members have consistently cited your trainings as the best thing about our meetings and have felt the DiSC training is something they can apply to work situations and their personal lives. Your ability to adapt is why our groups have reacted so well to you.
-John Kissinger, Learning & Professional Development Department



Jerry, your presentation was great and the effort you have put into learning about the FBI paid off in the students’ response and learning. Thank you.
Walt Siene, Event Special Agent

The management staff of the FBI in Indiana would like to express gratitude to you for your presentation on leadership. Comments about your presentation have been universally positive and already there is a noticeable difference in understanding and communication among the managers of our office.
Robert M. Reilley, Special Agent in Charge

The information you provided will be extremely useful to us in our daily activities with each other and the management of our employees. You have been extremely instrumental in informing everyone on the importance of communicating and interacting with each other on both a professional and social level.
Kathleen L. McChesney, Special Agent in Charge


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