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National Education Association

I have had the opportunity to work with Jerry Conrad for the last eight years. At NEA, we value the power of relationships and professional ethics. Jerry has a way of personalizing his support in a way that allows the customer to feel like he is a member of the team. Jerry exemplifies professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail beyond measure. He is constantly seeking new resources to enhance the work we do together which in turn allows us to provide the best possible training to our leaders, staff and members. I highly recommend SG Maverick for all of your leadership development needs.

Dr. Phadra Williams
Dr. Phadra WilliamsNational Leadership Development Coordinator

Jerry, I want to thank you for all the hard work you did for Muskegon Community College as the interim HR Consultant and your valuable contribution, in particular, to my Student Services Division. You provided continuity, consistency, and, stability to the HR Department during such a critically important transition period for the college. The entire college community trusted and believed in you and everyone is much better off as a result of interacting with you. I would certainly support another consulting assignment with the college by your organization, S.G. Maverick, Inc.

Dr. John Selmon
Dr. John SelmonVice President for Student Services and AdministrationMuskegon Community College

Jerry, your presentation entitled Finding the “G” Spot and the Power of the Platinum Rule was outstanding. Often the use of “dynamic speaker” is overused in our business. However, in your case – Jerry – it fits. You have a unique presentation style that makes you an extremely effective speaker. You demonstrated the energy and commitment to ensure you were right on target.

Marshall Johnson
Marshall JohnsonFirst LieutenantDepartment of State Police

You were definitely the highlight of our meeting in St. Louis, MO. I have not seen a room full of women laugh that hard in a long time. We appreciate that you made sure all the details were worked out before your presentation. You knew the audience you were coming to present to and I’m sure that by taking the time beforehand it enhanced your program a lot. I’m hoping to get you on next year’s program in Boston. If you ever need a testimonial, please feel free to use me as a resource.

Luann Johnson
Luann JohnsonEM Residency Coordinator Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

You helped us focus our energies and provided valuable expertise and recommendations tailored to Terrace Plaza and Sealed Power needs. You helped us mobilize our internal resources without losing sight of cost-effectiveness; you delivered what you promised. You worked well with everyone on the Taking Care Committee and we look forward to working with you in the future as our wellness consultant.

Steven Wenk
Steven WenkCompensation and Benefits ManagerSealed Power Corporation (SPX)

Jerry, I am very pleased to have your programs available to the Minnesota Department of Corrections. I also like the fact that employees can access the DiSC material from their worksites throughout the state. You made the entire project extremely easy to implement. In addition, I have received numerous comments on the quality of the material.

However, I have been most impressed with your extremely high level of customer service. Many organizations offer DISC but you have delivered unparalleled service. Many people teach customer service, you live it. Your generosity and follow-up made things happen. I also like the fact you have worked with police, corrections, and FBI so you know our industry. I cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance.

Charles Dively
Charles DivelyDirector of Employee DevelopmentMinnesota Department of Corrections

I just attended a presentation of Jerry Conrad’s about happiness and it was amazing! His points were “right on” and I took away information I could implement immediately, like how to walk and move my body to radiate confidence and happiness; how to increase my energy level and mood in just a few seconds by laughing; and positive ways to respond to routine questions such as “how are you” in such a way that it raises my confidence level and helps me raise the confidence level of others. Learning ways to tweak my thinking so I am more positive makes a huge difference; not only to me, but also to everyone I meet. Jerry’s presentations are fun, interactive, and informative. It was remarkable to see the change in the participants’ mood and energy levels from the start of the presentation to the finish. Everyone left the presentation feeling uplifted, energized, and empowered. Jerry is awesome!

Linda Yuhas
Linda YuhasDirector of Compensation and Employment ServicesGrand Valley State University Happiness Club

You are indeed wonderful. It could not have gone more smoothly. Many thanks for coming to my rescue in such a prompt and professional manner. You certainly “saved the day!

Venice Smith
Venice SmithMulticultural Development CoordinatorMichigan State University Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives

The DiSC Classic 2.0 is an easy read. The descriptions of and reasons for my way of dealing with life’s situations and people were very clear. The suggestions on how I could enhance my behavior and fashion stronger relationships were awesome and achievable without the feel of losing myself in the transformation. The DiSC Classic 2.0 is a tool I am certain to use in future trainings.

Sandra Cole Rice
Sandra Cole RiceUniverv DirectorNEA: Alaska Fairbanks - NEA Uniserv

Your customer service is far and away some of the best I have ever received.

Dennis Beson
Dennis BesonFounder and CEONew Age Training

Once again, you exceed expectations with your thoughtfulness! Although, truthfully, I should not expect anything less from you after all these years. You’re the best! Your new DiSC Everything kit with DVD is fantastic! It is now so easy to piece together a course that will fit the needs of the learners in a more targeted way.It really is awesome! Our team members have cited your trainings as one of the ‘best’ things about our meetings and have felt the DiSC training is something they can apply to work situations and their personal lives. Your ability to adapt is why our groups have reacted so well to you.”

John Kissinger
John KissingerLearning & Development DepartmentDomino’s Pizza

Jerry, your presentations were great and the effort you put into learning about the FBI paid off in the student’s response and learning. Thank you.

Tim Turner
Tim TurnerSpecial AgentFBI Training Academy, Quantico

The management staff of the FBI in Indiana would like to express gratitude to you for your presentation on leadership. Comments about your presentation have been universally positive and already there is a noticeable difference in understanding and communication among the managers of our office.”

Senior Agent in Charge (SAC)
Senior Agent in Charge (SAC)FBI Indianapolis Division

The information you provided will be extremely useful to us in our daily activities with each other and the management of our employees. You have been extremely instrumental in informing everyone on the importance of communicating and interacting with each other on both a professional and social level.

Senior Agent in Charge (SAC)
Senior Agent in Charge (SAC)FBI Chicago Division

Jerry, you really made a difference here. We are improving as a group, and our breakthrough began with your observations and challenges. Team members are more engaged and more vested. Our meetings are much better now. Also, your DiSC blog is fascinating; it makes perfect sense.

Lee Van Orsdel
Lee Van OrsdelLibrary DeanGrand Valley State University Libraries

Working with Jerry has been great. Extremely knowledgeable and manages the DiSC process in a way that participants get a lot from the program. We will continue to use Jerry in the future.

Maggie McCrystal
Maggie McCrystalDirector of Staff RelationsGrand Valley State University Human Resources

The Peer Advisor training was awesome! Fabulous Jerry!! The Peer Advisors really enjoyed their time with you and we all learned a lot about each other as a team. Thanks for being such a wonderful facilitator.

Dr. Sandra Gonzales
Dr. Sandra GonzalesProgram DirectorEastern Michigan University Upward Bound

Jerry, your knowledge, insightful comments, and enthusiasm about the DiSC analysis kept the audience engaged. I know that this was difficult to do as you were scheduled to present right after lunch, (the most difficult time to keep someone’s attention). I appreciate your availability and thoroughness while working with me to prepare and schedule this seminar. You met my goals for the presentation.

Captain Brandon DeHaan
Captain Brandon DeHaanGrand Valley State University Police Department

I can clearly see the enormous amount of insight everyone received because of your workshop. I know in cannot afford not to provide this training for my team. Your presentation was well beyond my own expectations and several of the participants commented to me that your program was one of the best division meetings that we have ever had.

Arnie Smith-Alexander
Arnie Smith-AlexanderTRiO DirectorGrand Valley State University TRiO Program

I especially appreciate the time that you spent with me on the phone and in person prior to the seminar in assessing our needs and determining the best way to work with the group.

Jerrod Nickels
Jerrod NickelsBookstore ManagerGrand Valley State University - University Bookstore

Jerry Conrad’s abilities as a speaker and motivator are first-rate. His approach to problem solving through understanding and managing attitudes works with audiences of all occupations, ages, and personal histories. His use of graphics, props, and group interaction keeps his seminars lively, interesting, and meaningful.

Alumni Relations
Alumni RelationsGrand Valley State University - Alumni Relations

“Our graduate students consistently place you well above the mean, often in the ‘outstanding faculty’ category. You have made a significant contribution to our program throughout the state.”

Public Affairs and Administration
Public Affairs and AdministrationWestern Michigan University - Public Affairs and Administration

“I can attest of the high quality of Jerry Conrad’s workshops. The participants in these Masters level workshops have been mid-career adults who already hold responsible positions in their respective agencies and are pursuing the Public Administration degree. The feedback from these students has been universally high; Mr. Conrad is one of our most cherished resources and I recommend him without reservation.”

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and SciencesWestern Michigan University - College of Arts and Sciences

“It is my pleasure to commend Jerry Conrad on his ability to deliver an educational, interactive, and fun presentation. Using the DiSC model, Jerry had every person in the room up and interacting with each other as they negotiated for cards that best represented his/her style. As an expert presenter, Jerry knows how to get a group involved fast and how to leave them wanting to learn more. This is a true sign of a motivational speaker.”

Career and Student Employment Services
Career and Student Employment ServicesWestern Michigan University - Career and Student Employment Services